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Jewellery Care

Below are some easy care instructions to help look after your Chapter Chapter jewellery and keep it in great condition.

What is Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is an art medium that is known for its versatility, pliability and simplicity to work with. It is an oven bake modeling material composed of polymers, resins, colouring agents and fillers.

It is known to be quite durable after baking. Once polymer clay is baked, it is waterproof and long-lasting.

Polymer clay earrings need to be treated gently. With care it will maintain its quality and appearance for a long time. 

  • To clean your jewellery, gently buff the surface with a soft jewellery cloth.
  • Do not use any cleaning product to clean the polymer clay except water.
  • Do not use nail varnish to restore shine; it may make the jewellery sticky.
  • Store away from direct sunlight, humidity and dust.
  • Avoid placing them with sharp things to prevent scratches.
  • Avoid contact with perfume and chemicals.
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